Come to Avoca in Pottawattamie County, Iowa and visit all the historical things that the Newtown-Avoca Historical Society has made it their goal to preserve for future generations.   Perhaps your first stop would be at the Sweet Vale of Avoca Museum at the north end of Main Street.  Heading a couple blocks south will bring you to the East Pottawattamie County Courthouse.  


From Main Street, a drive out to Edgington Memorial Park east on old Highway 83 will find you at the location of the relocated Newtown Country School.  If you take a drive up the hill near the Shell Mini Mart and Casey's Store, you will come across the Historical Society's Memory Garden.  One last stop on your way north out of Avoca on Highway 59 will bring you to Graceland Cemetery where you will find the historic Octagon Prayer Chapel.

East Pottawattamie Co. Courthouse

Located on Avoca's Main Street

Octagon Prayer Chapel

Located at Avoca's Graceland Cemetery on the north edge of Avoca

Sweet Vale of Avoca Museum

Located at 504 North Elm Street

Newtown Country School

Located in Avoca's Edgington Park on old Highway 83

The Historical Society's Memory Garden

Located up the hill east of Shell and Caseys

Newtown-Avoca Historical Society - 2019


     Sandy Petersen, President

     Debby King, Vice President

     Mary Pearson, Secretary

     Myrna McGrath, Treasurer



     Four Officers Plus the Following:

          Colleen Sulley, 2016-2019

          Renee Sowers, 2017-2020

          Arla Pickham, 2018-2021

          Mike Ohm, 2019-2022



     Courthouse:  Rhonda Hope, Chairperson; Myrna McGrath, Treasurer

     Schoolhouse:  Iva Marie Holtz, Chairperson; J Pearson

     Octagon Building:  Bill Dea, Chairperson; Bill LeRette

     Memorial Garden:  Arla Pickham

     Fire Truck:  John Butcher, Chairperson; Kurt Sulley, Debby King

     Museum Curators:  Barbara Butcher, Chairperson; Mary Pearson, Julie Young

     Special Events Coordinator:  Sandy Petersen

     Garage Sale:  Kurt Sulley, Chairperson; Colleen Sulley, Mary Pearson

     Maintenance Coordinator:  J Pearson

     Property and Finance of Museum:  Board of Directors

     Finance:  Bill Dea, 2017-2019; Mary Pearson, 2018-2020; Arla Pickham, 2019-2021; Myrna McGrath, Society Treasurer; Myrna McGrath, Courthouse Treasurer

     Endowment Trust:  Jim Sulhoff, Bill Dea



NEWTOWN-AVOCA HISTORICAL SOCIETY meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Sweet Vale of Avoca Museum at 7:00 p.m.  Visitors are always welcome at the monthly meetings.  Volunteer lunch assignments for the 2019 meetings include: 

     January 8th - Sandy Petersen, Mary Pearson

     February 5th - Myrna McGrath

     March 5th - Renee Sowers

     April 2nd - Kurt & Colleen Sulley

     May 7th - Mike Ohm, Norma Glissman

     June 4th - Jaime Tuttle, Katie Clarke

     July TBD - 

     August 6th - Rhonda Hope

     September 3rd - Danish Table, Elk Horn, Iowa - Dining Out

     October 1st - Iva Marie Holtz

     November 5th - Bill Dea

     December 3rd - Pot Luck