The brick building to the west was where part of the Canning Company was located. In a couple pictures back you can see the building was a "long" building. At one time it also had a butcher shop in it. In the 1994 Avoca History book I just read the following: "At 11:30 Tuesday night, October 18, 1912, the Avoca Cannery was destroyed by fire. It is presumed it was struck by lightning. 17,000 cases of new corn and all the machinery was destroyed.
The brick store room with 2,500 cases of corn was saved, but the loss was set at $30,000.00." This building existing in 2020 is brick inside and out. Plus, it looks like the old photo on page 502 with the same top shape and the two little windows. Is this building what survived the 1912 fire?
(Courtesy Barbara Butcher)